But the A2000 just seems so classic to me. Then, they take the "best" pile, and repeat that process two more times. I didn’t feel like I caught the ball cleanly with it. Both are made with high-quality leather, are incredibly durable and will last you for several years with appropriate care. But, it doesn’t mean, A1000 is a cheap quality glove. Both the Wilson A2K Pudge and the Wilson A2000 are pro-quality catcher's mitts. The 2017 Wilson A2000 1787 looks very nice in pictures and in-person. Related: wilson a2000 rawlings pro preferred rawlings heart of the hide wilson a2k 11.5 baseball glove a2000 nokona baseball glove wilson a2k datdude wilson a1k pro preferred mizuno pro limited wilson … Wilson A2000 Spin Control Gloves . Pick it up here. Currently pitching with a custom A2000. A1000 vs. A2000 (In a Nutshell) The main difference between them is the leather used in manufacturing which is responsible for the feel, break-in, and the time it lasts for. I slightly favor the lighter A2000 leather, as it is a bit softer and easier to break-in, but still durable. Required fields are marked *, Feel free to opt out or contact us at any time, 4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Glove, The GIF History of Wilson’s Glove of the Month: #20-#31 (Profar, Altuve, Dee Gordon), The GIF History of Wilson’s Glove of the Month: #1-#19, #1 Pick Mickey Moniak’s Gear, Grichuk’s Lizard Skins Batting Gloves, Biggio’s 1B Mitt & Other Highlights from Phillies @ Jays, Exclusive: Jay Bruce’s Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 2 PE Cleats, WPW at Astros Camp | Bregman’s Easton Glove, Springer’s Cleats, Evoshield Prototypes, WPW On-Field: Red Sox @ Rays (Benintendi, Holt, Snell), © 2020 WHAT PROS WEAR. Its a popular question, and unfortunately there are no non-biased, reliable resources for finding an answer. yeah, I'd say Japan getting the better materials for A2Ks & pro issues comprises the bulk of the difference.. guys rip on the China-made Mizuno PLs vs. the MIJs, for instance, but if the materials were all the same & the gloves all had the same specs, I'd challenge anyone to point out a noticeable difference between the glove made in Japan and the glove made in China 2018 Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove Mookie Betts, the slugging right fielder for the Boston Red Sox, has won back-to-back Gold Gloves using the A2000 series outfield glove from Wilson. These gloves can be made for any position in any of these three types. The similarities end there. You have heard the question before: A2K vs. A2000. Here’s why: This article wouldn’t be complete without asking the pros what they think about the differences, and a video we did with Astros’ Tony Kemp gives some brief insights: Tony said that was the first time he had tried A2K, and so we followed up with him to see what he thought. So, Wilson A2K vs. A2000? So, Wilson A2K vs. A2000? Wilson's A2K and A2000 glove models are two of the most popular choices in the MLB. Shop wilson A2000 gloves at DICK'S Sporting Goods. 2021 Wilson A2K Outfield Gloves. The Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75″ baseball glove is an impressive piece of craftsmanship. Rolled Dual Welting: available on A2000’s, standard on A2K’s.The rolled welting is softer in terms of stiffness, but just as durable as split welting. The Wilson A2000 11.75” Baseball glove hits it out of the park in regards to its durability, and unmatched feel. Leather wise they have their differences but both great pieces.”. Double Palm Construction: a thin piece of leather is inserted underneath the palm for a more stable and durable pocket. If you find a lower price on wilson A2000 gloves somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. First off, you can't go wrong with either one of those options. Palm and Heel A double palm construction is used for the A2K. First let’s discuss the similarities. A2000 Overview Some players prefer to start with a stiff glove and tailor the break-in to their own preference. 2021 Wilson A2K 1795SS. Catchers no doubt use their gloves the most, and the 2017 Wilson A2K M1 is going to last you pitch-after-pitch for many seasons. Here are the differences: Although it may seem like an obvious decision to buy the A2K, many pros prefer the A2000. Considered the prototype for the modern day baseball glove, the A2000 changed the way gloves were made.. Fast forward to more recent years and the Wilson A2K was created. Scoop it up here. Wilson A1K 1788. Smart choice going with an 11.75-inch size. Many pros use the A2000, including Carlos Correa, Clayton Kershaw, Robinson Cano, and Starlin Castro. The A2000’s leather offers great durability and does require a bit of a break-in period. The 1786 is a middle infielder’s dream at 11.5″ with an I-Web. Studs all over the diamond are A2000 loyalists. Altuve last used this model during the All Star Game. Have you ever wondered the differences between the A2K and A2000 baseball gloves from Wilson? This glove tends to be more expensive than the A2000 for numerous reasons. The biggest differences, however, come in construction and price. The A2000, made from Wilson’s Pro Stock leather is the oldest glove series Wilson offers. Considering it is still a very high quality glove used by major league players, the A2000 is a viable option for a lower price. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Looking for our Help section? How can you not like any Glove Brandon Phillips designs? This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. A2K mitts are the premier patterns that last longer and look better caused by the master craftsmanship of guru Shigeaki Aso. Hi, Stinkbug14! Put your hand on one, and you will feel it right away. These gloves are, essentially, a modified A2K or A2000 Wilson glove. The A1k is made from Wilson’s top-shelf leather and retails US $130. This design features the H-Web and shallow pocket preferred by so many infielders in an edgy look - with flawless Black Pro Stock Select Leather and Saddle Tan SnakeSkin Pro Stock Select Leather and new Bold logos. WPW comes in and saves the day with the best A2K vs A2000 guide on the web.