Taipei burger restaurant offering: Burgers / Chicken Burger / Fish Burger / Vegetarian Burger / Rice Burgers / Sparking Juice / Fries / Chicken Nuggets / Soup / Juice / Coffee / Soft Drinks ☝ (Click link above for review, pictures, & details) Address: Taipei Main Station near Eslite K Underground Mall entrance, exit M3, & the Blue Line Since I’m currently living in Taipei, I typically do my I watched for a moment but kept moving because I didn’t want them to think I was interested. Do yourself a favor Not many places in Taiwan shopping facilities provide seats. The frozen yogurt shop is a small ice cream stand in Taipei Main Station mall underground. choices had much higher quality at similar prices. FAVORITE ice cream by far though is tofu For your comfort, you will find slippers, free toiletries and a hairdryer. With entrances/exits labeled as Y1, Y2, Y3 all the way to Y26. Boulevard, 100號. Entrance/Exits Y5 and Y1 will connect you to the Q-Square mall. Get ready for further and cheaper! The Taiwan fortune teller will then release the bird and see which card the bird chooses. In this Taiwan Fortune Telling method, the Taipei fortune teller will ask you to write down your family name and ask you about your birth date and birth time. I experienced a different situation at a maid bar in Tokyo and Another item I purchased was a defective hoodie for 100NTD That’s a pretty low price. Here’s a few: The Taipei fortune teller prepares your questions, places some rice in their hand and then throws the rice on the table. most places to shop in Taipei. You’ll find So Taipei Main Station is the grand terminal hub of Taipei's bus and railway system. with the price. Opens at 11am but their Starbucks, NY Bagel Cafe and other food shops are open to eat!…” more, B/1, No. You hold them up, ask the god of the temple your question, and then drop the half moons. The Taiwan fortune telling method of the turtle shell and 3 coins starts with a question. Taipei City Mall for 50NTD! through the window were working on their laptops instead of engaging with the The next day, I found a similar cable in The knife massage “looks” like you should survive it. Please be careful when It’s less crowded and it will be easier to It’s pretty easy since there’s only 2 prices. weather underground. After you make your first right turn from the MRT platform, there will be to visiting this Taipei underground shopping mall? Tourism is a major part of Taipei's economy. Also, underground connected Express bus station and MRT stations such as Taipei Main and Beimen. The first place is more of a large booth where you get blind massages. They stickers, postcards, specialty Taiwanese food, ornaments, charms and lanterns Go to Q Square for international brands like ZARA and Nike, Taipei City Mall for a diverse variety of local clothes, or the largest Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall (one of four in the city) that covers everything from budget shops to the super high-end. in Taipei Main Station shopping mall. As for dinner, I ate the following — Curry Beef at the foodcourt of Zhongshan undermall shopping mall. Most night markets in Taiwan open around 4 PM, and crowds reach their peak between during the late evening hours. Along the way on your Free WiFi is available throughout the property. There’s a few of these places throughout Taipei so it’s nothing unique to this shopping mall near Taipei Main Station. Taipei City Mall: What To Do At Taipei Main Station's Underground Mall. View of lobby and shopping street of Taipei Main Station, passenger and tickets vending machine in Taipei; Taipei train station, Taiwan; Taipei, TAIWAN - 2 Oct, 2017: The Passengers walking around for a transportation platform in the Taiwan underground train station in Taipei, Taiwan. The mall has clothing, footwear, watches, jewelery, Chinese arts & crafts in one section, computer games, manga and anime, electronics for the other half. Surrounding area have lots of big shopping malls, Airbnb, hotels, shops and restaurants. Night markets are a popular place for low price eating and shopping. The underground walkways connect to shopping malls like Taipei City Mall. Other shops that actually catered towards respectable fashion an entrance to “Taipei City Mall” on your left. You’re bound to be in the … closing hours are at 9:30pm, but most shops begin to shut down at 8pm. If you do your Ximending shopping as a comparison, you’ll see that Taipei City Mall is the best place to shop in Taipei. There are a few grocery store which are open 24hrs but not like this Carrefour. ice cream at Soypresso. Making Duroyal the cheapest ice cream shop I’ve seen in Taipei! Along the way you’ll see a sign for “Taipei City Mall” and follow the signs. For a similar premium umbrella, I’ve seen places selling them for $600 NTD! Don’t be confused by the other malls through. There’s a small 1-person operated post office in Taipei City Mall. There are threeice cream shops (pretty much right next to each other) in the Taipei Main Station shopping mall by Y22: Frozen Yogurt, Duroyal Ice Cream and Meiji Ice Cream. The prices here are less than half for the same merchandise you would purchase at the Ximending Shopping District. ), Electronics: movies, video games, consoles, drones, phones, accessories, Video game stations: Several places just to stop and play video games for free, Random things to shop in Taipei: Umbrellas, water bottles, household utensils, fans, MRT Subway Lines (Airport, Blue, Red and Green lines). deal. The underground walkways connect to shopping malls like Taipei City Mall. entrances/exits), Taipei Main Station, Beimen Station and the airport MRT When I went to the fancy outlet shopping in Taipei at Linkou While the store itself wasn't large, the variety of goods that were stocked certainly was worth a look. last minute Taiwan souvenirs before you get to the airport and are charged 10x You can go to much nicer places around Taipei Main Station and Ximending (Ximen) for a Taiwan massage at the same price. Duroyal ice cream for 1 scoops is NT $25 and 2 scoops is NT $35. bought one. up overpaying for an umbrella everywhere else. It's located on a busy strip of real estate by the Taipei Main Subway station. The Tango Hotel Taipei Jiantan. clothing for super cheap prices. and look here before making any purchases at places that cater to tourists. Shopping facilities located in and around Taipei Main Station are: The Eslite Spectrum - Taipei Main Station (誠品生活台北車站) Breeze Taipei Station (微風台北車站) Q-Square (景站) Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Station (新光三越台北車站) Taipei City Mall (台北地下街) there’s no pressure to go inside a store and make a purchase. So it looks like they get It was an impulse purchase because the hoodie had something I thought some deals! Cheap shopping in Taipei also includes art! items were definitely from the defective pile at the Nike factory. You’ll see a sign at the fortune teller desk that says “English OK” or “Japanese OK” and that’s how you can get your fortune told. a ninja-themed Many Taiwan fortune tellers are available in multiple languages such as Korean, English and Japanese. Across from Taoyuan Airport MRT Taipei Main Station A1 (Exit 7) and MRT Beimen (Exit 2), the property offers comfy accommodation in Taipei. You will find a kettle in the room. straight forward game. station underground mall, you’ll find several stations to play video games for While Taipei City Mall is large (or in this case, long) and offers a number of ... 2. There are two food floors, one of their food court which isn't your ordinary food court and their other floor of food are restaurants. Taipei has the best food in the world and there are restaurants all over organized and quality performances free of charge. Not only is this one of the good shopping places in Taipei, it’s also the cheapest. find the underground mall Taipei. Thanks for reading my Taipei blog! If you want to relive those days, you can purchase a these old school video discs at the Taipei Metro mall. The Main Station offers numerous food stalls and restaurants which is perfect before you go on a long trip. My Within Taipei City Mall, you have immediate access to Q-Square mall. Otherwise, you’ll end airport. Brand name store items typically cost 20-40% more than in the United States. Did this interest you in It is the connecting station for airport transfer and high speed bullet trains. basketball (6 stations), music based coordination games and fighting games. What drew ! Meiji ice cream was the same price but had no customers. tried to negotiate and offered 100NTD. It’s in Taipei so if you have the time, you can negotiate and for the lowest price. The influx of visitors contributed US$10.8 billion to the city's economy in 2013, the 9th highest in the world and the most of any city in the Chinese-speaking world. you can find a small stage with different performances throughout the day. playing these games and learn to quit early. Makes for "efficient" shopping, now off for some afternoon snack! Featuring free WiFi throughout the property, The rooms include a flat-screen TV with cable channels. All the games are 10NTD ($0.32 USD) and include arcade Situated in Taipei, less than 1 km … Mostly on the west side of the Taipei Main Station Mall, you Head underground towards the Taipei High Speed Rail (THSR). I don’t even like tofu! Among the three ice cream shops, Duroyal ice cream is definitely the most popular. Plus, if you want to take a lap around this mall that would towels, coffee mugs and more! are advertised towards children, turns out it was not legal. Rooms include a private bathroom. It’s too much to list out so check out my attached YouTube video touring the place. The underground walkways connect to shopping malls like Taipei City Mall. machines had adult toys. Prices ranged from $1-5 USD although some Whenever I pass by, there’s at least 2 maid cafes that are I haven’t found anything like that in Taipei. Personally, I haven’t tried any of the restaurants in this It’s right next to the airport MRT so it’s a great place to pick up Luckily, I quit very easily and have spent less In 2013, over 6.3 million overseas visitors visited Taipei, making the city the 15th most visited globally. Starting from Taipei Main Station, the mall stretches for about a mile under ground. In this Taipei shopping mall, you can find almost anything: If you’ve been looking for where to shop in Taipei, this Taipei shopping mall will satisfy your shopping needs! At times, it looked like some people just showed up to perform and put out boxes for tips. Just get to the Beimen Apparently nothing is ever on sale in Taiwan. Costs typically start around $100 NT and if anything, it’s worth it just for the show. May Rooms Taipei Main Station is 450 yards from Ximending shopping area, while Taipei Main Station is 650 yards away. less chaos, you can enter from the Beimen station side. There is Taipei underground shopping mall and Zhongshan underground shopping mall. poor English grammar, you can find all of that at this Taipei underground length of a subway stop (850 meters). Go in search of top quality bargains for anime merchandise. But you can expect to find Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Italian and Taiwanese food. Turn your sightseeing tour at Taipei 101 into a shopping spree in XINYI. From that, they will read your fortune. substantial like Cremia, but While it should come as no surprise that a city center train station would have an extensive network of underground hallways and tunnels, Taipei Main Station has a huge number of stores in the underground shopping streets beneath it. If they read your fortune, it’s probably going to predict you will be hit by a knife soon. So if you know it will rain on your trip to Taipei, stop by It is also near to XimenTing area where lots of tourist went. 150NTD. Depending on how the rice lands, the Taiwan Fortune Teller will read your fortune. It’s accessible from the street level along Zhengzhou Road (26 shopping here look through Taipei Online Shopping sites like PCHome or Shopee. I’ve never had a more painful massage experience and am still traumatized by the amount of pain inflicted. Depending on how they land, that’s the answer the gods have given you. Explore Taipei at your own pace and get around town seamlessly with a private half-day chartered car service. Taipei Main Station is situated in a commercial district with plenty of retail shopping suited to students, commuters, and tourists. By entrance Y17/Y18 in the open space, you can find a caricature artist to make drawings for you for only $100 NT. If you want a picture with two people, it will cost you $200 NT. I’m always craving an ice blended coffee Duroyal ice cream is a Taiwanese brand that can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores. Most places in the other nearby malls have prices starting at $300 NT so you’re getting a pretty good deal for a hair cut in Taipei. You can get to all the underground Taipei shopping places easily through public transportation: If you’re looking for Taipei City Mall, an alternate name for it is Taipei Metro Mall, Taipei Underground mall and “Y-Mall”. It was 200NTD there! It seems like there’s no time limit since the people I saw area. have a full menu of drinks and food. In this Taiwan fortune telling method, the Taipei fortune teller will tell you to prepare your questions in your mind. for taste, I think Meiji is pretty light on flavor. Prior to the internet streaming days, people used to watch their media via Digital Video Disc. We ended up finding a few small trinkets to buy for our…” more, “It's open 24 hours !!! The convenient directions would help you where to buy tickets and where … Unfortunately, with the Taipei Underground Mall, the quality of some items can be of extremely poor quality. In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, officially known as Taipei City Mall, you can find 1-mile of Taipei shopping places. It's located on a busy strip of real estate by the Taipei Main Subway station. At this point, I think it’s not about the fortune telling it’s about not giving up on what you want. I don’t recommend running…because you’ll get tired. premium reversible kind that keeps water from dripping on floors for $350 NTD. the city that have a higher priority for me at the moment. Clothing, electronics and food stores make up the bulk of the offerings and are divided into concentrations of … Price wise is moderate. Taipei Souvenirs: Shopping at Taipei Metro Mall, Buying Everything in This Taipei Shopping District, Anime and Otaku Stuff: Taipei Central Station West Side, Crane Games in Taipei Main Underground Shopping Street, Maid Cafes In This Underground Taipei Shopping Mall, Ice Cream Shops In The Underground Mall Taipei, Restaurants In The Taipei Station Underground Mall, Play Video Games For Free in This Underground Mall Taipei, Taiwan Fortune Tellers: Shopping In Taipei City Mall, Post Office In Taipei Main Station Underground Mall, I’ve never had a more painful massage experience, Taipei Neighborhood Guide: Where to Stay in Taipei and What To Do in Taipei | blorg, Taipei Taoyuan Airport Guide: Taipei Airport to City - TaiwanEater, Massages: Regular massages and knife massages (get chopped! Station Underground Mall runs from Taipei Main Station to Beimen Station. The other music games are complicated and the It rains a lot in Taipei! My friend and I each Taipei Main Station is the grand terminal hub of Taipei's bus and railway system. I would recommend dedicating at least 1 hour to visiting shopping. Personally, I like to live in the future and stream all my content. Pretty much all the popular games. The lights aren’t actually on until 9am and most stores open at 11am. Everything was “probably” real brand name There’s second location of Taipei blind massages by the Y12 entrance. can find crane games with all types of prizes from toys, electronics, candy, It was definitely cheap shopping in Taipei, but I really wanted value instead of “cheap” quality. That’s only because it’s the most But you can you also find some very high quality items at a low Buying Umbrellas: Cheap Shopping in Taipei! If you’re interested in visiting them, you can find Maiden Diner and Maiden School (not on Google Maps) both on the west side of the underground mall Taipei. Cheaper than the airport!” more, No. I Taipei has dozens of world-class restaurants where gourmets can sample the most authentic Chinese cuisines. It’s the same price as Duroyal but much less popular at NT $25 for 1 scoop and NT $35 for 2 scoops. Can't sleep at” more. Not only can you do some cheap shopping in Taipei, you can throw in a hair cut too! The performances can vary between strictly music, dance or a play. be at least 20 minutes. Each of these Taiwan massage locations charge about the market rate for a massage in Taiwan, $100 NTD ($3.30 UDS) for every 10 minutes. Yup, this mall is so big that they have multiple locations within the same mall. There’s many opportunities for cheap shopping Taipei Main Station is located in a culturally rich area of Taipei known for its major shopping area and top museums. Taipei Main Station Underground Mall runs from Taipei Main Station to Beimen Station. A travel blog that helps you travel further, cheaper and smarter. cream. to K-Mall (Eslite) and Z-Mall (another underground mall in Taipei) with a short If you’re looking for bootleg, low cost or clothing with Oxygen Hotel Taipei Main Station is set in Taipei, 500 metres from Taipei Bus Station. I’ve tried crane games a few times but have been about a 5-minute walk from the terminal level. phone cable. 6 reviews of 光南大批發 "I found this place one night during one of my night haunts. A fancy above ground mall…if you’re in to that kind of thing. by to play a game of basketball for $10NTD. It is the connecting station for airport transfer and high speed bullet trains. The Main Station offers numerous food … Usually 24hr shops are open on selected items but this store is fully open with all the sections available. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. If you’re looking for some “quality” bootleg travel shopping, You can find crane games in Taipei in every night market and It is the connecting station for airport transfer and high speed bullet trains. There’s also seating for people who want to watch and just to take a break from That’s how delicious If I'd come again I would just cover the section between R1 and R6 (before eslite) that has a good packing of nice cheap teen clothes shops and eating places” more, “I found this place one night during one of my night haunts. I didn’t even try negotiating since I was happy Visit a maid café. mornings. This is not inside any shop but along the walking paths of the mall. Don’t worry if you miss the 3. To buy Duroyal Ice cream at Taipei Main Station underground mall, you’ll have to buy a ticket from the vending machine. Soypresso’s tofu ice cream is! Hours: 11AM-9:30PM Daily. The You can access this shopping area in Taipei as early as 8am. Getting To The Taipei Underground Mall From Taipei Main If you head north, you can connect to R-Mall (Zhongshan They sold ice cream. Nice thing about TW department stores is the density of vendors. That was the smarter side. Market in Da Nang, Vietnam. the best shopping area in Taipei and pick up an umbrella! Well, all the big fashion brands are there. Taipei Main Station (Chinese: 台北車站; pinyin: Táiběi chēzhàn) is a railway and metro station in Taipei, Taiwan. If you’re an anime otaku, start on the west side of Taipei Metro Mall. significantly cheaper than outlet shopping in Taipei Mitsui Outlet Park. I prefer something more They will read your fortune and give you advice on how to take advantage of your upcoming good fortune or how to avoid upcoming bad fortune. They will have a bird and a several cards on the table. Not only is it the best place for cheap shopping in Taipei, you don’t even have to negotiate. The underground mall in Taipei is so big that it spans the Pingback: Where To Stay In Taipei - TaiwanEater, Pingback: Taipei Neighborhood Guide: Where to Stay in Taipei and What To Do in Taipei | blorg, Pingback: Taipei Taoyuan Airport Guide: Taipei Airport to City - TaiwanEater. You prepare your questions and depending on how the coins come out of the turtle shell that will be your fortune. I declined and walked away. In fact, for many tourists, the shopping streets are a confusing warren of stores and restaurants. It’s accessible from the street level along Zhengzhou Road (26 entrances/exits), Taipei Main Station, Beimen Station and the airport MRT station. Taipei Main Station is the grand terminal hub of Taipei's bus and railway system. mall, you can get some cheap but high quality umbrellas. open during the day. 1. up depending on how much the seller thinks they can get from you. bar. If you get the answer you don’t like, that’s 2 more chances. This is the best shopping mall near Taipei Main station and In this Taipei underground shopping Why did I name it Without the need of a fortune teller in Taipei, you can just go to any temple and pick up the two half moons. For me, I thought it was creamy but pretty typical for ice The underground walkways connect to shopping malls like Taipei City Mall. If you don't know which store you want to go to and are just wandering around, you can walk here for a long time and see a lot of the same things” more, “Lots of places to eat, shop, and get souveniers. shopping, start at Beimen station. All Taiwanese souvenirs from shirts, pens, magnets, The taste was average and satisfying for your ice cream cravings. If you’re feeling adventurous you can get your fortune told in Chinese. What drew me in initially was that they sold CDs and DVDs of popular Korean and Taiwanese bands and they have popular Disney movies in Mandarin for me to take…” more, “This small booth located in the busy Taipei Main Station is certainly attracting a lot of passerbys for the latest Line Friends goods!