There is Washington 44, Franklin 37, Madison 34, Monroe 29, Jefferson 26, and Lincoln 23 to name just a few. Galaxy name generator . Insert your own place names and you are good to go. BRM Garden Rail Narrow Gauge World Traction Engineering in Miniature More A (one day) comprehensive listing. This name generator will give you 10 names fit for galaxies, star systems, and other astronomical regions. World of Railways - News and Reviews World of Railways - Modelling Techniques World of Railways - Layouts Shows . This is a dynamic list and may never be … Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography Find available domain names with 28 name generators. British and tropical names are glued together from a list of beginning bits and end bits. Hey there and welcome to my site. When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. Greatest Generation (before 1946) Baby Boomer (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1984) … For American city names, there's also the occasional Native American -style name, made using the same method. Name Trains Personalized Toy - offers Maple Landmark's Name Trains Wooden Railway Toy System at the lowest prices. Suggestions are encouraged. The online railroad name generators do not fit my ideas of proper USA railroad names. The following is a list of railway stations (also known as railroad stations in the United States), which is indexed by country. The numbers following the names are the number of towns in the US using that name. The names are all based on human naming conventions for astronomical bodies or regions, so while your own alien species might use different naming conventions, this generator sticks to the 3 most used types. Some of the top Transportation & Logistics Firms are UPS, FedEx, Japan Railways Group, DHL. FREE Shipping to the USA. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Railway line names. Thank you. Apologies if the Hispanic and Native American names are too terrible/not grammatically correct, I have no way to tell. A place name can be a city, state, river, mountain, or any geographic feature. There are over 1300 name generators, as well as many description generators, guides and various tools you might find helpful. Generate Train Names. Before we get too far, we need to take a step back and look at the entire US, primarily the lower 48 states. Here is a proposed rule set for generating fictitious RR names. London Festival of Railway Modelling - Alexandra Palace - 23/24 March 2019 National Festival of Railway Modelling - Peterborough - 7/8 December 2019 Mags . Additional information is always gratefully received, whether entirely new records (particularly historical records), or information to fill in gaps or correct errors, via the contact link under the Miscellaneous entry in the navigation bar above. Last update 16 October 2019. Most railroads and their rolling stock earn some form of respect through nicknames. Here is a list of the many railroads, locomotives, cars and the nicknames associated with them. As you can see there's a lot to explore, but if you're looking for names you're at the right place. The Military Code Name Generator Which generation do you belong to?