Article PDF Available. The main reason for Plato to emphasize on communism of property was to bring about greater degree of unity in the state. The women of the guardian class will consequently share the work of the men, which makes it necessary that both shall receive the same education and strictly be free from domestic duties. Appetite would blunt their reason or spirit and disturb the balanced equilibrium of the relationship between individual and the collectivity that would be detrimental to justice. Therefore confining women into domestic chorus was wasting half of the potential social talent. Plato strongly believed that an economic division between the citizens of a state is the most dangerous political condition. Cohen 2000a: ch.3; Fraser 2014: 57–9),capitalism involves certain relations of production. The Collapse of Communism 8. Plato recommends abolition of private party among the rulers enable their united control over the producing masses. His student, Aristotle, was furious over his giving away the “historic victory” of mankind in “enslaving women”, while declaring, “Dear is Plato, but dearer ids the truth”. The idea of a classless and stateless society based on communal ownership of property and wealth also stretches far back in Western thought long before The Communist Manifesto.There are scholars who have traced communist ideas back to ancient times, particularly in the work of Pythagoras and Plato. There is no scope here to go into the details of the dialectical materialism, which says that anything that exists is destined to perish and capitalism is no excsption. their surroundings and conditions. This situation convinced Plato that wealth has a very pernicious effect on the government, but was dismayed at the fact that there was no way to abolish the evil except by abolishing the wealth itself To cure greed among the rulers, there is only one way and that was to deny them any right to call anything their own. …. Plato’s communism is of two forms, viz., the abolition of private property, which included house, land, money, etc., and the second, the abolition of family, through the abolition of these two, Plato attempted to create a new social order wherein the ruling class surrendered both family and private property and embraced a system of communism. He stated that the proper age for begetting children women should be between the age of 20 and 40 and men between 25 and 55 because at this time, the physical and intellectual vigor is more. Marxian communism seeks to end the ownership and the control of the ruling classes over the means of production and overall economic activities and transfer it the producers, the working class. Marx is more scientific and sociological than most of ancient philosophers, Share:WhatsAppFacebookTwitterTelegramRedditEmail This article is based on the 25th Chandrashekar Memorial Lecture delivered on 20 September 2020. Keywords: Capitalism, Civil society, Communism, Community, Economic management, Equality, Freedom, Lenin, Marx, Social democracy, Socialism. This method would make sure that no parent would have any affection upon one child, and thus love all the children as their own. His student and first critic criticizes the common ownership of property and abolition of family, for wrong reasons, there is scope here to go into details here. Free speech, the freedom to express ones opinion, is currently highly in vogue. -Communism will be ruled democratically by the masses. He believed that the ruling and military classes have no concern with appetite as they represent reason and courage respectively. “The wives of our guardians, then, must strip for exercise, since they will be clothed with virtue and they must take their share in war and in other social duties of guardianship. When he talks of the unity and the purity of the state he simply means the unity of the ruling classes so that the philosopher kings could consolidate their rule over the producing masses with the help of the armed auxiliary. If anybody flouted the rules, they were treated as unholy and unrighteous beings. Plato during his visit to Egypt was impressed by his observation that the clergymen living ascetic life were the revered rulers. The cause for unrest that Plato was experiencing in Athens was mainly due to the troubles present since the days of Solon a statesman reforms in Athens. The controversy is almost as old as civilization. For doing so, he invents the historical links of totalitarian philosophies from Plato to Marx via Rousseau. “It affects less than half of the persons and less than half of the goods of the society to which it belongs.” Barker’s quantification is very generous it does not apply to even hundredth of the population. Plato: The First Socialist. The family is certainly a conservative institution that breeds unfreedoms and inequalities but abrupt abolition of family would not be readily accepted and would lead to socio-economic anarchy. Marxian dialectics aims at the comprehension and interpretation of the contradictions of the system and the dynamics of the quantitative evolutionary and qualitative revolutionary changes. The longing for property corrupts the rulers and makes them greedy and selfish that would lead to instability of the state. 3.Plato’s system of communism of women and temporary marriage is detestable and unethical. Moreover the rulers are endowed with the inner qualities of gold and silver respectively and must not long for the external gold and silver. He wanted a state free of problems, a scared and the super-most institute. For instance, “I am fortunate to be born as a free man not a slave; a man and not a woman….” Apart from his acknowledgement that women are physically weaker (Rep.  V, 170), at places he brackets them with the duffers and slaves (IX 341). They were expected to dine at common tables and live in common barracks, which were always open. The paring is done at festive occasions with all the enthusing activities of poetry and songs (befitting the occasion) and of course prayers and sacrifices. This duality of theory and practice continues in modern democracies as the ruling parties and leaders despite their all kinds of uses and misuses of power claim to be servants of the people. Another question that was raised was related to those children who were born out of this union. If we have to keep our folk at the highest pitch of excellence, there should be as much union of the best of both the sexes and as few of the inferior as possible and the offspring of the better unions should be kept (as guardians). What Is the Alternative Farming and Food System That India Needs? He stated that anxiety for one’s children is a form of self-seeking more dangerous than the desire for property, and the training of children at homes as a poor preparation for the whole and sole devotion, which the state has the right to demand. It is to be noted that that in 1945 there was no danger of Plato’s Totalitarian Communism of Plato’s Ideal State ruled by the Philosopher but the danger of the Marxian Communism ruled by the proletariat themselves through their collective organization into a communist party. The main subjects taught were eloquence and oratory and the demagogues were influence the public opinion. They are the servants of the people and not the masters, a contradiction in terms. Intellectuals react to and reflect upon their own time and space, i.e.