Using this method to find depth we have to start eliminating depths. At temps between 55 and 60 degrees a trouts metabolism is prime. In my article 11 Proven Tactics to Catch More Trout, I talk a lot about where and why to fish bait. Well everything else in the water does but for this article were going to go with the rainbow trout. The brightness all night long can be a big factor. The elements make find the thermocline easier. It’s adjacent to the Saskat… It will be more active moving throughout the day. These commissions help keep the cost of operating cost neutral for me. Trout farms have been operational since the late 1800’s. Trolling can ease this burden by covering a lot of water at various depths in a systematic way. The reality is that water warm enough to push lake trout deep only exists for a fraction of the season, the summer months. Any purchases you make through links on this site earn us a commission at no additional cost to you. Feel free to also throw your email in the subscription box to get emails about our latest articles, events, and giveaways. For much of the Lake Trout’s distribution, they can be found in the upper 20 feet of water. When these smaller creatures venture out to feed you better believe those trout are going to be there ready to gram a easy snack. This layer is called the thrermocline and it is just right for aquatic life to thrive. Lake trout prefer the colder water temperatures found below the thermocline in the summer months. Brown Trout hate noise and can be scared away when using trolling methods which is the most common method for catching fish not in the great lakes. In the summer, the best method of fishing for them is trolling with lead core line or downriggers using minnows or a copper, white, or silver lure. In my experience this isn’t always a guarantee that you wont catch fish. If your interested in more lures that will catch trout, head on over and read my best trout lures. The next three casts you should count to 5 before beginning your retrieve. Best live bait for rainbow trout – Minnows. Finally the third advantage to fishing inlets and outlets is oxygen content. These are another great lure for getting down to the 35-50 foot range because of the 5/8 ounce size of the bait. These large rocks provide a great habitat for smelt, shiners, minnows, crawdads, and the like. The rest of the year, the water ranges from cool to totally frozen, and these fish are free to roam, feed and spawn at any depth they like, with no thermal barriers to fence them in. So we don’t want to plummet out baits all the way to the bottom unless that’s where the prime temperature happens to be. After ice-out in late April and while water is still cold in May, lake trout tend to be at higher levels retreating to deeper parts of the lakes during the warm summer months. You see, at dawn and dusk is when the insect become more active. This tip is a more of a known fact but I am going to go over it again anyways. Also, if you have a tip that was not on this article I would love to hear about it. You see the rainbow trout has been introduced to almost every country in the world at this point. They find a place that is as close to home as they can find, search out a gravel bed, and place their eggs. This is the best rod to use for trout fishing and allows you to use a variety of techniques to catch your trout. Catch And Release Tips for Late Summer Trout As we move into August on the rivers here in Colorado, the latter part of summer brings challenges to both angler and trout. The refreshing smells of the tall ponderosa pines fill your lungs. Home » Trout Fishing » Most Effective Summer Trout Fishing Tips. You are going to want to use something that is natural in the trouts environment. I have a guide for that too. Floating trout rigs are another great method when learning how to catch trout in a lake. The Secret for Successful Trout Fishing. Set the depth of your sliding fishing float to about 40 feet. Your lines are baited and in position just as the sun hits the water for the first time that day. Shasta Lake mornings are pure magic and the trout fishing is just one of the things that make summer on Shasta Lake so special. As far as the lake trout is concerned, your lure’s days are going to be over in a split second. This is the zone where water temperature drops and oxygen increases, making a preferred habitat for forage fish like cisco (whitefish). In a single year this can be as many as 8,000 eggs. That’s a Kodak moment right there. Learn how to register your vessel, boating laws and more. This layer hardly if ever sees the light of day. In the summer months remember we are trying to key in on that 55 – 60 degree range. ⚠ Before you head to the water check the latest COVID-19 updates. The second reason, and maybe the more obvious reason that dams are a great location to key in on for trout, is the depth. Can you guess what eats minnows and small fry? Over the years I have been forced to fish for trout in some of the worst possible conditions, from high water, to days that the ice freezes instantly on your guides. Trout are known to inhabit the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. One of the reasons for this is that the techniques used for Lake Trout and Salmon don’t work on Brown Trout. Knowing this will save you wasting time trolling off the bottom when you can be using casting techniques to catch Lake Trout. When fished properly this technique for trout can be wildly productive. 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Today I’m going to go over some of my most prized tips on catching trout in lakes. Home > Learn to Fish & Boat > How To Fish > How to Catch Fish > How to Catch Lake Trout. Trout typically feed at dawn and dusk the most. In the summer … Trout don’t like to roast in the sun either. Well you have come to the right place. While you can catch a trout at any time of the day, make sure to target the early morning or later evening if you are going to fish specifically for lake trout. This keeps the water temps from rising too much. The lake trout is found throughout most of Canada and well into Alaska as well as the Great Lakes and in sections of the western U.S. where it has been introduced. Let me know what your favorite tip was down below in the comment. They tend to have a gradual taper of the tip of the point that slowly moves into the water. is a participant in the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This website is reader supported. In late spring the Lake Trout will be in a transition stage where they are found at different depths but by the time summer rolls around the Lake Trout will move down deep. This isn’t to say you cant catch trout all day long in a lake because you most definitely can. The thermocline can change throughout the seasons. One of the top lake trout fishing tips is knowing the best lake trout jigging lures to use. Start by casting out and immediately beginning your retrieve. In general, a 1/2 ounce lure will sink 1 foot per second. Say what? Rainbow trout have been a huge part of our diet for hundreds of years. Diet will include minnows, crawdads, night crawlers, meal worms, red worms, crickets, and grasshoppers just to name a few. So where you catch one, you’ll likely catch more! In the United States we can typically have a thermocline between 35 and 75 feet in the summer months between July and September. Best Live Bait for Rainbow Trout. Just click the link to take you over there. Keep eliminating water until you catch a fish or get a bite. The minnow will sink to a depth of 40 feet and become some prime food for hungry tout. You can catch lakers anywhere from .5 mph up to about 2.5, but the optimum speed is around 1.5. How to Catch Musky: Step by Step Musky Fishing Guide, Points offer variance in depth and habitat, Best time to catch trout is generally dawn/dusk. In my article 11 Proven Tactics to Catch More Trout, I talk a lot about where and why to fish bait.. Summer trout fishing is not that different when it comes to live bait for rainbows. Download our FREE e-book "Trout Fishing Quick Guide" in partnership with Tailored Tackle. A point is a finger of the shoreline the sticks out into the body of water. It can be done with any type of boat and you don’t need all that fancy gear. They live on every continent and they thrive (except Antarctica). Want to learn more about how to fish for Trout? Imagine yourself sitting on the shore of high mountainous lake. By Kevin Howell Low, warm water is tough on trout and anglers. In the summer months, trout will be feeding on dawn until about 11 A.M. The absolute hardest fishing of all though is the low hot water of late summer. Most trout resivoiurs will be man made.