my own. Then repot in fresh mixture. I have a favorite, but tired-looking geranium that will likely benefit from I have abused this tool at length and it still does the job. And watered it till.the water ran out the bottom.the color of this germanium is a,peach orange a beautiful color. I am a avid Geranium lover and would like to find some scented plants to grow. Have enjoyed your website for several years. Yea! Kevin- my geranium (1st 1 ever) is covered with beautiful flowers. Happy Valentine’s! This is a good article on the effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the ocean and ocean life. Master Gardener AssociationsPacific N.W./Canada/UK, Please consider the environment before printing any material from this website. As for the ivy-leaved geranium, or Pelargonium peltatum, I’ve overwintered this one many times. I will definitely give this a try. feeds to my Google account. Now, they can be reborn again! Recently laid off after 21 years in the Communication Industry, so new decorate budget is called thrift! Thanks so much. I also read once that in the old days when pencils were made of cedar, housewives or husbands poked the pencils into the dirt a couple weeks before they brought the plants in to get rid of the gnats. All the things you teach and tell us about on your web-site are not always new ideas, but ones that have somehow fallen by the wayside in our hurly-burly, faster-faster culture. know-how. Do you think I’m giving them too much water? I kept my rose geranium alive last winter by the Grace of the nature Gods. Thanks for naming the blue plant. Some of my plants are 4-5 years old….I have managed to keep them going by trial and error….but now you have set me straight. Plastic bag humidity domes are not used outside, just indoors under the grow lights. Was it like Dorothy opening the door in The Wizard of Oz or what?? ((((hug hug))). And please stay tuned — in a week or two, I’ll do a complete post on the garden-to-house transition. ha!) Thanks so much for this tutorial! You don’t want this little snip to work at flowering … you need it to ROOT. However, I do NOW and I have all sorts of plants I bought this year that will be donating cuttings for attempt #2! Keep up the good work. I am in SW Colorado (13,800 ft elevation) and my geraniums are quite happy on the deck from mid-June to mid-September. These aren’t your grandmother’s old-fashioned flowers. Their website — — has a notice saying that unfortunately they cannot ship plants to AZ, CA, OR and WA, which is unfortunate indeed for folks who live in those states. of Georgia also looks like a good source of scenteds. In your case, I suspect both desert-dry air and over-watering. Now today someone handed me a bunch of cut geraniums, with big flowers not in a pot, just cut like cut flowers for a vase and said I could just stick them in a pot with earth and they will grow. I increase the food to one 1/2 teaspoon for the window garden plants, because they receive such long hours of light. Will also check garden shop of Lowe’s and maybe Big Lots. Now center the plant in its pot. I still shy away from putting my slips in soil. Based on gender, 51.5% are female and 48.5% are male. You’ve given me a few new tips. Should I follow the same method of cutting them way back and repotting them with fresh soil? I have geraniums that get super tall and gangly, and cutting them down and repotting them gives me lots of new plants. I just a,few minutes ago planted it in a 4″ pot. You are awesome, If they root, fine, if not, okay, too. Kudos! Whether it's a tried-and-true 1940s BH&G cookie recipe or a unique twist on sugar cookies, our Test Kitchen's compiled a lot of favorite cookie recipes over the years. Geraniums are easy to over-winter. You are simply an unending source of knowledge!!! can’t contain myself. Hi Venkat — I can’t say for sure, but your winter temperatures are probably not cold enough for these alliums. For potted cuttings of many types, I rely on vented plastic bags, positioned as humidity domes. (Seattle.) if so after that you will absolutely get pleasant Better to keep the soil consistently moist. Would mid winter be a bad time to prune them down some? I have over-wintered geraniums with great success. Married to a great "old" guy, he is a year older then me! I had no idea! If I cut them back do I necessairly need to cut the roots? Three days ago, I finally hauled in my 45+ geraniums from outside where they were vacationing, still in their pots. You have a blooming Hydrangea IN your house? The growing part of the plant is the tip (the apical meristem is what generates new plant growth). is heavenly. I am wondering if the same procedures might work for bringing potted rosemary and lavender here in Alaska. So once I bring them in, in they stay. My failure rate has been reduced enough to convince me they are valuable. Why are the leaves drooping? I have it in front of a window and I water it when it needs it. My windows would be facing northwest…guess I will need a light. also one of them is really lopsided) before full-blown spring. Well, I guess I could put the pictures on my website – if I can figure out how to do that! I also add 1/4 tsp. The blooms are great color and brighten my environment two to four times during the cabin fever months. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. I’ve been bringing in a giant geranium and a giant leggy scented geranium I’ve had for years.. I can’t thank you enough, Kevin! Mom passed away 1 1/2 months ago and while I am so sad, she still inspires me. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the saame old I’ve been doing this with my geraniums for a few of years now and it’s great to have plants ready to go in the gardens the following Spring. I have lots of 4 in. Kevin, do you think that this technique would work for ivy geraniums? We ship indoor plants and potted houseplants nationwide. I have used the winter prep you describe on geraniums for years. Thanks for your blog, I do enjoy reading it. Recommendation for those doing the same with petunias: soak the new potting soil so it is good and wet, and keep watering it well for the first 2 weeks while the plant snips adjust to being on their own and not part of a big plant. I water these twice a month and do not let them dry out totally. I saw last week’s blog post and started petunias, a couple of top growth geraniums from outside, and a few calibrachoa in small pots. Aug 9, 2018 - There are several ways to overwinter geraniums (Pelargoniums). I am about to give up on mine. I have done this several times and it does work. I love them but they’re such a pain to find homes for in the winter… This should fix that! It was like having free plants! A Hummingbird Moth! You will know that your cuttings have rooted when new growth becomes evident. I have a zebra plant for about a year it is growing very tall. It’ll make watering all of my houseplants much easier. Kevin, I was so glad to read your post on the overwintering and care of zonal geraniums. I trim off all large and fading leaves and remove flowers. HI there, I have 2 beautiful oakleaf hydrangeas and they are 10 years old and 1 is far older than that, maybe 13 years. Fill in the gap between roots and pot with fresh potting mixture…. What am I doing wrong? Tricky to grow indoors, since it demands water every time you turn around! The leaf is not in good shape, but when I gently pull on it, it seems to be stuck well in the soil, as if it has roots. A day late and a whole pile of geranium cuttings short! As for geranium and other cuttings, you’ll know they have rooted when new leaves appear on the stems. Geraniums were a “welcome” gift when people moved to these Rocky Mountain early mining towns; ladies would take a flowering start to a newcomer. Toss the severed roots onto the compost pile. Hi Maria – I bring mine indoors at the end of September, and before frost. Kevin- do you have any suggestions for Martha Washington geraniums- they are so beautiful in the greenhouse that I can’t resist buying them, but within a very short time they cease blooming altogether. I was also wondering, do you pinch the cuttings back as they grow to keep them bushy, or is this not necessary? Now to get propagating! The dome draws my attention to the new plant, keeping it on the “front burner” and properly attended to amidst the piles of potted specimens that surround me. I assume that will continue to develop foliage and flowers during the winter months. Just love it! You’ll find my Holiday cactus tutorial in this post: November Brilliance: The “Thanksgiving Cactus”. Thanks so much for the steps by step propagation method for geraniums, Kevin. There is no vigorous growth during this period. Super Thrive. Of course the pot was quite big and bloomed all colours because I had removed all the suckers from all the plants, therefore various colours. Why do you suggest a clay pot, why not plastic? Another plant I love that is perfect for a small house is Oxalis – goes dormant when not watered and can sit in my cellar through the winter. Ohh the vases! Geraniums are easy to over-winter. Thanks for posting this timely tutorial. Also, I will be bringing in geraniums that have been in the ground. Thanks Kevin! A friend gave me a hanging geranium at the beginning of Fall 2013 to try to see if I could try overwintering it in my sunroom. Good tutorial – thanks much! You can also steep the leaves in full-fat milk, and then use the milk to make scented icing for cakes and cupcakes. You now have a newly-restored geranium which will give you pleasure all winter and beyond. No photo for these next three steps, because I don’t think you need them: Take a 4-inch clay pot, and place a piece of broken pottery over its drainage hole. Rinse off any soil which is clinging to the leaves. Never fails me. I never have good luck with that. Unless they are being grown in a container, they don't even require much in the way of fertilization. I dread the short days and lack of flowers . Finally, I found someone who knows what to do with my spindly, leggy, woody plants that I can never bear to throw on the compost pile! The plant will pop right out of its pot, and into your waiting hand. I’ll try to keep posting progress of butchered geraniums. The pictures and explanations were so clear and concise. I tried to sign up for your newsletter but it would not accept any of the crazy words you have to type in. But I have just ONE teeny tiny question. I have a geranium that was given to me last year when my brother passed and I brought it in for the winter. Hi, Mr. Kevin! Thanks for refreshing my memory. Thanks. The medium sized knife I use in the garden was removed from a parolee arrested by my husband many years ago. Kevin you are so wonderful to keep this blog. Thanks so much Kevin! I have three huge geraniums, nurtured through 3-4 winters, that need to be tamed and revitalized. So, are you considering ideas for getting going on a gardening book? I have cut some of my leggy, woody ones almost to the soil, so some have only 4 or 5 brown stubs (with green showing on the cuts). And truly don’t know how you have the time to read all the notes people,send you? My only problem would be space if they need a lot of light. (I’m nearly 70, but I can still dance.. when no one’s looking!) So far, I have made the broth for Scotch Broth, 2 pumpkin pies from a volunteer blue hubbard squash and 4 loaves of pumpkin nut bread. Thank you Kevin for the tips on how to do geraniums these are my favourite plant & I have one which is called Rose Geranium – it is white with pink frilly edges it looks like tiny rose buds just beautiful – I hope I can keep it over the because this one is hard to come by. If you do need to re-pot it, look for a 5 US gal (19 L) pot for a 2 to 3 year-old tree or a 10 US gal (38 L) pot for trees older than that. Remove the lower 2 inches of leaves from each stem. Is it too late to cut back the roots and reset the plant as you suggest? Leaves are healthy, but no more blooms. Thank you so much for your wonderful information. Wow, I’m so glad I did, you have so much information regarding houseplants, care tips, propagation, and how to water that I am kicking up my heels! They can NOT handle frost. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, Kevin! There are no "secrets" to growing geraniums/pelargoniums - all they require is sun and watering when the soil dries or the temps climb. This will help me stay happy till spring. Growing up, I always remember plants all around the home, outside. I’m not sure you can even understand what I am trying to tell you so I’ll just have to say, Thank you…from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. I just pull them off, not a big deal since the plants always grow more shoots. Do you see any dead or rotting stems? I love geraniums. So many times, I think to myself that yours is the most useful blog I read. This past spring we used your technique for preventing weeds in our front garden bed. Pansies and violas now come in dozens of colors, color combinations, bloom sizes, … Insert a pencil in the center of the soil, to a depth which approximates the length of your cutting. I also have one the man at Lowes called Austrailian Geranium. I’ve purchased lots of different varieties of “smellargonium” online from “Hobbs Farm & Greenery” in Maine via Learn how your comment data is processed. I trim them well and remove any obviously dead shoots. Thank you, I’m looking for a double-flowered white. Hi Kevin so happy to see that you answered my question. Is it too late? Pictured above is my rose-scented ‘Lady Plymouth.’  You can crush the leaves of this variety, and add them to your bath water. And I will now revive some very prolific (but somewhat tired) geraniums, as per your simple, friendly, instructions. I so love this blog. My overwintered plants thrive as do my tomatos and peppers I start on the same rig. Once roots have formed, you can give the youngsters a position that receives half-day sun (or full-day sun in a window garden). I’ll enjoy the pix . What do you use to fertilize your geraniums, Kevin? I’m going to try to overwinter my geraniums for the first time. As for the geraniums, I did this last year but forgot to bring them indoors. I used your method last year, and not only were the geraniums absolutely gorgeous indoors all winter and spring, but they are beautiful in the garden this summer, too. I am looking forward to using these steps mid august. In spring, when new growth appears, cut back the old growth to just above the new shoots. Thank you so much for the tips on how to do this! You can root cuttings of this fine plant, too. I’ve recently become a huge fan of heirloom geranium varieties such as apple blossom rosebud, Mrs. Henry Cox, Wm Languth, etc. Thank you, Kevin, for sharing. I am a geranium lover….I must have about a dozen or more big pots of them all around my place here in Kitchener Ontario Canada. Since I live I always wondered! After we eat squash or pumpkin, I throw the seeds all over our yard, ala Johnny Appleseed. After experimenting with geraniums, brought in for overwintering, which thrived and bloomed all winter, I thought why not. Next, knock the geranium from its pot. I’ll have to pin more of your helpful tips :o). I start at the end of September or up to mid October, removing my geraniums from their large planter pots or from the garden. It is white but really doesn’t look like a geranium. She was the oldest daughter of John Dandridge (1700–1756), a Virginia planter and immigrant from England, by his wife Frances Jones (1710–1785), who was of American birth and English, Welsh, and French descent.Martha had three brothers and four sisters: John (1733–1749), William (1734–1776), Bartholom… I use a mixture of potting soil and peat moss, so that the roots are comfortably covered and firmly patted down in the soil. I love your page Kevin! And by the way, you can use these same restoring and propagating procedures for scented leaved geraniums. Each year about half of them bear fruit and half don't. Currently, the population of Wrentham consists of 11,597 people. We can get very harsh winters, down to -20C, with deep snow, but for the last two years the winters were long but not so … I hope that last above sentence made sense to you. Thank you so much for your telling how to start a,piece of it. i will try your method for the coming