In the latter part of 1957 and early 1958, a parts clean up resulted in "a few guns assembled" according to production records. Many serial numbers were skipped; total production was near 70,100. Made for the U.S. Government from 1917 to 1919. The 243 was produced through 1973. have a code located on the left side of the barrel Not serially numbered. 20" barrel Mfg date 1912! 1955 -- Model 88 was introduced by Winchester in 308 Caliber serial number 4 was the first gun produced . Not serially numbered. As with the M-1 rifle, made for U.S. Armed Forces. The standard length for a Model 1873 Rifle is 24 inches Special order barrels were made from 26 -- 28 --30--32-- 34 --36 -37 inches. The value is RETAIL, so if you are selling to a dealer, the value will be less. Production reached 125,419, according to most factory records, with an additional 32 guns assembled after 1979. Misc top. Not serially numbered. information is for From 1915 to 1917, these rifles were made for Britain. One needs to be sure that the barrel is original to the gun before trusting the Barrel Code listing, above. Total production 20,592. About 105,000 made from 1899 to 1902. Production for years 1950-1952, 65-66, 67-70 and 72-75 were not kept separate for each year and were bulked together by the factory. 1903 and 1903A3 Production and Serial No table. manufactured after 1921. Not serially numbered. In 1857 and 1858, the New Haven Arms Company repeaters were in production. Made from 1949 to 1954. Total production of about 1,600 guns, 600 were transferred to the Volcanic Company for assembly, according to remaining Winchester records. Not serially numbered. Not serially numbered. Model 64. The parts clean up resulted in about 900 more guns. 3, The Models of 1894 and 1895 by Arthur Pirkle. About 39,963 of these rifles were made from 1928 to 1934. About 84,000 guns made. Some serial numbers were skipped between 1904 and 1920. Manufactured in 1904, it features and 20 Octagon barrel with a carbine sight and a cresent butt plate. Year Serial Number Range.
Figures for 1955-1956 were rounded off. Model 23 Model 24 Model 25 Model 36 Model 37 & A Model 40 Model 41 Model 42 Model 50 Model 59 SG 96 Expert Model Model 101 Model 370 Model 1200 Model 1300 XTR Ranger Pump Ranger Semi-Auto Shotgun-Rifle Combo Super X Model 1. Factory workers divided total production for these years to arrive at 26112 guns annual production. Introduced in 1936, discontinued in 1963. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-5708522835464660",
It is a Winchester 23 Pigeon XTR SxS, 25.5 inch barrel and it has Winchokes. Not serially numbered. Production figures for 1943 1948 and 1964 are unknown. Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s Below is the download link for a special resource for dating Winchester firearms. Using barrel codes (such as those listed above) to date the manufacture are reliable on Remington rifles, as the company rarely changed barrels on a customer’s rifle. Records from 1955-1963 are lost, so the factory, using total production from 1955-1963 divided total production from these years and found average yearly production was 4,683 guns. George Watrous, a Winchester employee, counted total production at 764,215 in 1944 when he made a count. Records after 1971 were destroyed in a fire at Winchester and no longer available. Serial numbers of the Model 1901 begin where the Model 1887 left off, with some over lapping from 1898 to 1901. Winchester Model 24: Covering numbers: 1 - 116417. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5708522835464660"; WINCHESTER DATES OF MANUFACTURE. These revolvers were the Walch .31 caliber style with superposed loads, made from 1860 to 1861.
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