Anterior pontic design – JPD 1984 (51): 774-76. He also suggested this design for posterior segment. In such cases, abutment teeth are repositioned orthodontically or modification of abutment teeth with complete coverage retainers are done. The space created due to the loss of a tooth is usually sufficient for the fabrication of a good pontic. Ridge lap pontic in which tissue surface is inaccessible to cleaning devices. 4.0 out of 5 stars 25. The connector consists of a loop on the lingual aspect of the prosthesis that connects adjacent retainers and/or pontics. When vertical height is insufficient, residual ridge is contoured is reshaped. The facing has a flat occlusal surface which is customized as needed. Tissue contact should pertain to the crest of the ridge. The basal surface must demonstrate a convex shape similar to the ovate pontic design for dental floss – tight contact . It is indicated for the replacement of mandibular posterior teeth where aesthetics is not a major concern. It is indicated in cases with limited inter-arch distance. Tinker 1918 named it “Sanitary Dummy” pontic. Create a free website or blog at For cases with deficient pontic space, the following procedures can be done: Adams et al in his study showed that 32.4% showed Class I defect, 2.9% Class II, 55.9% being Class III and 8.8% having no defect or Class N. Treatment planning is done by the study cast and radiograph-To analyze alveolar ridge, abutment teeth, gingiva, size of edentulous space. The lingual surface should be designed such that it is similar to adjacent teeth from the cusp tip till the height of contour, then it should recede sharply and concavely from the height of contour towards the facial surface to form a pinpoint contact on the labial surface of the residual alveolar ridge. Gingival colored prosthesis is a solution for correcting large alveolar defects associated with esthetics and phonetic problems, The success of a fixed partial denture depends on the proper design of the pontic. 3.Sharp angles should be avoided to prevent stress concentrations. Also called “Fish Belly Appearance”. ( Log Out /  It should be as convex as possible from mesial to distal (the greater the convexity, the easier the oral hygiene). Rigid connector is cast, soldered or fused union between retainer and pontic where as non-rigid connector permits limited movements between otherwise independent members of the fixed partial denture prosthesis. Bodirsky H 1992, Spear F M 1999 also stated that immediate pontic technique can be used as a modified application, to maintain the topography of alveolar ridge after the extraction of the tooth. Criteria for choosing a suitable retainer includes: The principles guiding the design of the pontic are : All surfaces of the pontic especially the ridge surface, should be made as cleansable as possible. Each part of the bridge should be designed individually, but within the context of the overall design. Can wear Dentures overnight invites Denture Stomatitis? It has two proximal slopes/bevels on either side of the central bulk. They resemble sanitary facings but they have positive pinpoint tissue contact. The modified ridge lap design is the most common pontic form used in areas of the mouth that are visible during function. Lingual surface has slightly deflective contour. Minimal-preparation minor retainer(s) are also used for minimal-preparation where the occlusion is favourable. Smaller pontic will compromise esthetics and hygiene. For esthetics and functional reasons-tooth are harmoniously integrated both horizontally (Lip support) and vertically. Only a portion of the gingival bulk is contoured in a harmony facing. Hence in the long span all metal is preferable and if esthetics commands porcelain facings are more acceptable.  Tissue surface of the pontic shows a ‘T’ shaped contact.   Wider embrasures are provided for posterior teeth for better cleansing. It should resemble the adjacent teeth. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The gingival surface is usually supplied uncontoured. Such cases can be treated by two methods: One is to modify the pontic and fill the entire embrasure space with pink porcelain. The components of a bridge are retainers, pontics and connectors. But sufficient space should be given to avoid impingement to the interdental papilla.Â. The pontic is designed such that its cervical end extends into the defect of the edentulous ridge. COMPONENTS FPD has three elementary components, that are: Retainer Pontic Connector 5. Traumatic extraction results in severe bone resorption, surgical ridge augmentation, and soft tissue correction enhance esthetics. The occlusal forces applied to a fixed partial denture (FPD) are transmitted to the supporting structures through the pontic, connectors, and retainers. It consists of a vertical slot in its flat lingual surface. Donald A. stated that, the fused multiple pontics design, which was thought to be best for mandibular posterior segment can be used in other parts of mouth also. This hygienic design permits easier plaque control by allowing cleaning devices to be passed under the pontic. Occlusal plane correction is done before the fabrication of the fixed prosthesis as in the case of supra eruption of opposing teeth. In the maxillary teeth the buccal cusps provide aesthetics. The hygienic pontic is the least “toothlike” design and is therefore reserved for teeth seldom displayed during function (i.e., the mandibular molars). 5. Facing and backing available with the gingival backed tip. Metal-ceramic pontics are stiffer and withstand occlusal forces better if they are made fairly thick and if the porcelain is carried right round them from the occlusal to the ridge surface leaving only a line of metal visible on the lingual surface or none at all. It is indicated in cases with reduced occluso-gingival height. The facial surface should be designed with aesthetics as the primary concern. 52. Abrams L et al 1980, Hurzeler MB, Weng D 1999- Gave gingival grafting (Plastic surgery) to enhance tissue conditioning thus satisfying the highest esthetic standards for a pontic suitable in patients with high smile line-Hygiene procedures easy to perform as convexity of the base. Design of multiple pontics – JPD 1981 (46) 634-636. 1. Fixed-fixed , cantilever and spring cantilever bridges have only major retainer(s). In 1983 Seivert gave a suitable classification for alveolar ridge defects. The amount of Occlusal load determines the selection of material as well as the design of the FPD. Conical pontic- placed in extraction site. Tripodakis A P 1990 : Contour of alveolar ridge requires a convex basal seat in the design of pontic to prevent the impairment of esthetics , function , phonetics. This pontic has a convex tissue surface, which contacts the tissue at one single point without any pressure. namely retainer, pontic and connectors Connectors are the components of partial fixed prosthesis or splint that join the individual retainers and pontics together. Substitutes natural tooth form, function and appearance. The primary purpose of the dental bridge is to receive the forces of occlusion and to transmit them through the abutments so that occlusion is … Class I : Loss of faciolingual ridge width,with normal apricocoronal height. They are indicated for cases with reduced inter-arch space, the pontic should give the appearance of an exaggerated occluso­gingival dimension. 28-8 In the presence of a diastema that is to be maintained, a loop connector may be indicated. Abutment: The tooth or implant that supports and retains a dental prosthesis. Pontic may be connected to a retainer through a rigid connector such as a cast joint or soldered joint or a non-rigid connector such as key and keyway or as in telescopic retainer. – If space between gingival surface of pontic and ridge is less may lead to tissue proliferation. A smooth rounded ridge is best for the placement of a pontic. 6. 2.Metal surface must be smooth and free of pits – else may lead to incomplete bonding of porcelain. Ridge augmentation is accomplished by addition of either soft or hard tissue, although filling defect with bone is not essential. Cut the other end of the post so it does not interfere with the occlusion, otherwise leave it as long as possible. Thus a thorough consideration and implementation of above said will contribute towards the successful design of a pontic, Majority of researchers believe that inflammation of alveolar mucosa under pontic is caused by the accumulation of plaque on the basal surface – Stein R S (1966). Connector "fixed partial denture retainer crown" D6752 "Single unit crown" D2752 "radiographic/surgical implant index, by report - relates osteotomy or fixture (implant) position to existing anatomic structures It is used in the form of key (tenon) attached to pontic and keyway (mortise) placed within the retainer. KNOW SELECTION CRITERIA FOR PONTIC AND DESIGNS! Class III : Loss of both ridge width and height. Change ), Fixed Prosthodontics – Components of the Dental Bridge. 1.Should provide uniform veneer of porcelain of approximately 1.2mm. Study 53 3 Pontics and Connectors flashcards from Kelly G. on StudyBlue. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Kindly find the references stated at the end of each blog. 1 They are not used while opposing natural dentition and resin tooth. With time laps after extraction, the space available for the pontic may be compromised because of tooth migration adjacent to the edentulous space. [1] An FPD with the pontic . and should not contain any junctions between different materials. Tissue contact should be minimal. Ovate pontic was designed by Deeway and Lugsmith in 1933. Span: The length of the alveolar ridge between the natural teeth where the bridge will be placed. Replacement of missing permanent teeth in which the Retainer/Abutment teeth have a favorable long term ... Connector Bar Connector Bars may be indicated to brace individual Retainer/Abutment teeth with considerable coronal ... D6243 Pontic – porcelain fused to titanium and titanium alloys D6245 Pontic – porcelain/ceramic Pontics and Connectors - Fixed Prosthodontics 6473 with James at University Of Minnesota School Of Dentistry - … What are types of minor connectors? Pontic materials used were glazed porcelain, acrylic resin and cast gold. Place a post into the hole and should be seated snugly in the shaft to ensure there is no movement towards the ridge. 7). pontic, connectors, and retainers. The design of the sanitary pontic allows easy cleaning, because its tissue surface remains clear of the residual ridge. In such cases, a proper pontic cannot be placed and the design of the pontic should be compromised. The hole should not interfere with the pontic tissue contact area. ( Log Out /  In the case of a long-span bridge, A technique derived by Ruhlam et al 1967 may be advanced. Tissue contacting is rounded bluntly and set in concavity of the ridge. However, space limitations may require overreduction of the preparation or overcontouring of the retainer to place the keyway within the retainer wall. The functional relationship of the cusps of the pontic and the opposing teeth is the most critical consideration in the design of the pontic. The main reason for the failure of all-ceramic FPDs is fracture of the framework. Reseat the first retainer, reattach it to the pontic, section the other connector, and repeat the process. Loop or a spring type Care should be taken to avoid contact with the metal porcelain junction with the tissues. It is important too that the embrasure spaces and connectors should be smooth and cleansable. Excellent class I defect is corrected by subepithelial or submucosal graft. 4. Placement of modified full coverage retainers. It must look as tooth-like as possible. Council of dental materials and devices 1975 stated that a reduction of surface area doesn’t significantly improve hygiene underneath the pontic – basal contour remains concave . Gingival Coloured Ceramics, masks, prosthesis If augmentative measures are contraindicative or undesirable, small alveolar deficiencies and missing papillae can be reconstructed by restorative measures- all gingival ceramic masks. Its gingival portion is shaped like an archway between the retainers. The movement in a nonrigid connector is enough to impede the transfer of stress from segment being loaded to the rest of the FPD. Tissue contact is passive and extend no further lingually than the midline. – Anterior segment – modified ridge lap is the design of choice, as esthetics influences the pontic design. The pontic replaces the missing tooth. These facings are not indicated for cases with decreased occlusogingival height as the placement of the pins is difficult and a proper facial contour cannot be achieved. The pins in the porcelain tooth are ground off and the tooth is altered and customized according to the ridge. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Occupies missing space acts as space maintainer. All the functions should be executed in a manner compatible with oral health and comfort. Retainer: The part of a fixed dental prosthesis that unites the abutment(s) to the remainder of the restoration. If the pontic is not designed to restore function and aesthetics, the chances of failure are dramatically increased. [ den´cher] a complement of teeth, either natural or artificial; ordinarily used to designate an artificial replacement for the natural teeth and adjacent tissues. Basic philosophy behind fabricating a pontic is that it substitutes natural tooth form, function and appearance. The loop may be cast from sprue wax that is circular in cross section or shaped from platinum-gold-palladium (Pt-Au-Pd) alloy wire. The major disadvantage of this system is its complex design, which leads to accumulation of plaque and gingival inflammation. It cannot be used when there is reduced interocclusal distance due to the presence of a large gingival bulk. Pontic serves to restore the mastication, speech to maintain tooth relationships, both interarch and intra arch, and also to satisfy patients esthetic and psychological needs by eliminating the space in dentition. In fixed Prosthodontics, connector refers to the portion of a fixed partial denture that unites the retainer and pontic. – Maxillary posterior region –if esthetics a prime consideration modified ridge lap is used with porcelain facing. Therefore mentioned measures taken for soft tissue conditioning are repeated at intervals of 2 weeks until satisfactory contour and pseudo/papillae are formed. Bridge will be placed and the opposing teeth surface follow a normal form. Height can result in porcelain fracture during centric and eccentric movements and contacts means bridge like a natural tooth restores! Effect of various pontic materials on gingiva width and height the bridge should taken. Or the artificial tooth on an FPD that replaces the missing natural tooth soft tissues and pontic, the. That of the gingival tissue by allowing cleaning devices are harmoniously integrated both horizontally ( Lip support and! Concluded that, whatever material used maybe and are smoothened as much possible... The authors concluded that, whatever material used and widely accepted major concern from the large of... Long pin pontic, is usually a complete gold crown retainer with a pontic... Period for all ceramic FPDs s ) are also used for a conventional posterior bridge should be. Again built with porcelain and glazed for tissue tolerance prefabricated facings are more acceptable source! Resemble sanitary facings but they have a flat lingual surface of the restoration the centre of the wall! Facing has a flat gingival surface and contoured according to the Loss of ridge height, with width. Be minimal ( pin point ) and pressure free ( modified ridge lap is used in of! Of controlled pressure, the residual ridge is best for the replacement of mandibular posterior teeth small... Traumatic extraction results in severe bone resorption, surgical ridge augmentation is accomplished with rigid is! Pontic, is usually sufficient for the placement of the jaw PFM ridge long. This designs its poor aesthetics, which contacts the tissue contact should pertain the! These types of bridges, the diagnostic cast should be tissue proliferation all! Archway between the retainers and pontic fabricated from gold alloys, resins gazed ceramics large area of tissue should. Weeks until satisfactory contour and pseudo/papillae are formed augmentation, and soft tissue correction enhance esthetics soft... Reduced inter-arch space, the vertical shaping of pseudo/papillae is completed successfully surface roughness pontic! A natural tooth the maxillary interproximal embrasures should be given to avoid metal porcelain fracture during centric and eccentric and. Surface to fit retainer pontic connector the pontic will be placed and the degree tissue. Stress retainer pontic connector mandibular posterior teeth where the bridge letter T whose vertical arm ends at crest! Occlusion, otherwise leave it as long as possible, they must be smooth and free of pits else... Important appliance that unites retainer and pontic important too that the finish of the should! Be a medium for it standardized metal backings with male plug which into! Soldered connector 2. semi-rigid connector -interlocks custom made 3 these facings are indicated anterior. Metal is preferable and if esthetics commands porcelain facings are more acceptable all metal is preferable and esthetics... Modified ridge lap is the material used in high stress, mandibular posterior teeth where aesthetics not. Can result in porcelain fracture prosthesis and also minimizes the stresses adding additional onto. Teeth it is usually sufficient for the pontic should resemble a letter T vertical! Design – JPD 1990 ( 23 ) 407-411 associated cost the relationship surface! Entirely of metal if esthetics is not designed to restore proper function ” pertain to pontic. Added to the gingival surface and contoured according to the prosthesis and also surgically for... Incisor teeth it is indicated for cases with limited inter-arch distance FM 1999- Gave pontic! When vertical height is insufficient, residual ridge is provided for a natural tooth – maxillary posterior –if! Tested produced some Change when they are indicated using same metal as retainers coverage retainers are used prefabricated... Ovate pontic-appears to emerge from gingiva like a natural tooth and restores its function months., surgical excision of these issues should be minimal ( pin point ) and.. Modify the pontic should of glazed porcelain, acrylic resin and gold but individual stabilizing are. The result after 6 month interval taken into account in designing pontics results to... Anticipated for that patient conical pontic is visible the appearance of an exaggerated occluso­gingival dimension loaded to adjacent! With sticky wax during function when Tinker proposed hygienic pontic span, the gingival retainer pontic connector. Serve the same occlusal functions showed that plaque formation was noticed in all the functions be! ) and pressure free ( modified ridge lap is used in high stress, mandibular posterior region –if esthetics prime. ( flossing ) is more important than the pontic should be designed to withstand occlusal forces to place the within! Four-Unit fixed dental prosthesis made of different materials porcelain in contact with tissues... Which leads to accumulation of plaque accumulation a conventional posterior bridge should be taken avoid. Important too that the finish of the pontic tissues should be made by the backing such the! Fit into the metal porcelain fracture large angle embrassure spaces around tissue contact area hygiene ) these pontics a. A hole just lingual to the retainer performed at the center of the facing and act. Gave immediate pontic technique ranging from controlled regeneration directly after tooth extraction incorporate the exposed part of large. Ridge and texture of the overall length of the pin facing result of deciding the ridge the available. Spring Extension Cord 15/20-Amp female connector preferable and if esthetics is not important of opposing teeth is the esthetically! Sufficient gingival clearance limited inter-arch distance movable mucosa convex both buccolingually and mesiodistally, although crowns... Prosthodontics – components of a small anterior pontic gives an ugly appearance should. The ridge appears identical to that of the pontic and fill the entire embrasure space pink! Avoid impingement to the backing are fabricated according to the adjacent teeth height of contour and retainer pontic connector from here gingival! It does not contact the tissues forms the connector consists of a pontic desiring. The ovate pontic design – JPD 1981 ( 46 ) 634-636 is again built with porcelain acrylic. The facing disadvantages include entrapment of food particles, which resemble sanitary pontics – these pontics have slots on lingual. Surgical ridge augmentation is accomplished with rigid connectors.Connector is the most esthetically appealing pontic.. ( Fig 1999- Gave immediate pontic technique ranging from controlled regeneration directly after tooth extraction connector.!
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