sought 'through poetic expression' (White 1989: 38). Regulative issues in society are dealt with by power or by reason. Myth and Reality. Izibongo: Zulu Praise-poems. Izibongo. Other editions - View all. -this is why the imbongi is 'a chronicler' as well as a poet (Jordan 1959: 74). The performance of izibongo is embedded in social life, and never takes place in isolation; it expresses publicly, and thereby reaffirms, social identity. Hodza, A.C. and G. Fortune. by L. White and T. Couzens, pp. In this sense, one could speak of an additional mediating function of izibongo:between the living and the dead whose influence on the well-being of current social life in Zulu belief remains crucial. In New Writing from South Africa, ed. This essay, while not focusing, centrally on the concept of consensus, can be seen as working in such a direction. 92-1 12. The Praises of Dingana (Izibonqo zika Dinqana). but is also enjorced by the principle of, 'poetic licence' ~vlziclt applies to most south-east African societies, granting freedom of expression to public statements made in the form of praise poetry (cfi Vail & White 1991). On the other hand, due to this direct relationship to power, izibongo have also been used as ideological instruments of those 'black' South Africans in coalition with 'white power.' But in reminding them, the ritual dramatization may actually be deluding the people that they are 'in charge' while the ruler is in fact as powerful and dominant as ever. The Mashobas: the name of the village where Shaka first became prominent. the feminist theory (chapter 2), portrayal of Zulu women in folktales (chapter3), in proverbs (chapter 4) and praise-poetry (chapter 5). For a hurnorous and illuminating exarnple of this, see A. Vilakazi (1962: ix). To sum up, one might say that while izibongo as a form of social discourse has first been seen as 'speaking sense' and 'mediating power,' the last section showed that it is also 'speaking power' and 'mediating sense.' 1958. Africa, ed. What is African art? In other words, consensus here states that social discourse is responsible for itself: from an internal point of view, the reasonability -either of reasoning or of power-orientated strategies can be viewed, contested and reformulated. '3 Izibongo, meaning 'praise names' or 'praise poem' (a collection of praise names), is a pluralis tantutn built from isibongo.Vilakazi (ibid.) I zibongo in politicial discourse to the present Today, in the post-apartheid era, the poetic task of izibongo, to strive for the correct and morally appreciable depiction of society in relation to its leading figures, continues and seems to be as central to public political discourse in South Africa as ever (cf. My aim here can be no more than pointing to the historically transmitted existence of such criticism, which is remarkable in itself. 2. Izibonqo incorporate a meta-discourse that of a self-reflexive society on itself -into the poetical depiction of the ruler. Hountondji 1983a, 1983b), in regard to the historical reconstruction of philosophical traditions as well as in respect to political philosophy, a discussion of basic aesthetic principles in social life, the 'ethical discourse' in artistic language and possibly other topics. In Anthropolog)~ of Art and Aestlzetics, ed. The Social System of the Zulu. As such it represents social identity and can be used for 'tracing kinship relationship and genealogy. 1967. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press. Mafeje, A. But, as we have seen that the freedonz to criticize can also be understood as an obligatiorz to do so, a similar ambiguity is possible for ritual licence. Common terms and phrases. Apart. Doke, C.M. Sole, K. 1987. 55s. The expression of art reflects, transmits and so yields to prevailing power relations while it can also subvert, influence and strive to control these relations. 1962. In Foundations in Southern. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. They constitute a dynamic tradition of reasonable discourse which has grown historically and evolved specifically within its cultural and social dynamics. UDlungwana woMbelebele, Odlung’ emanxulumeni, Kwaze kwas’ amanxulum esibikelana. -. Gunner 1976: 73). Nyembezi himself published a. selection of izibongo for this purpose (1958). African Philosophy. In this way, a culturally distinct social use of nzetaphors (cf. Nyembezi has shown how many allusions to contemporary social history in terms of such rivalries, conflicts and triumphs are woven into the izibongoof the Zulu kings, often so subtle and witty that they are impossible to understand without thorough knowledge of the context. B. Ngcobo. xi-xxiii. Selected publications. While in art, the framework of possible 'formalizations' (stylistic, expressive means) is predetermined, it seems significant that the actual meaningful acts of expression, i.e. including the destruction of society's political model) became possible then, while with the advent of political change the chance for izibongo to be a force for affirming a national South African identity evolved. Looking at Zulu society, 'where poetry is almost as common as ordinary speech' (D.P. Bloch, M. 1975. The 'people's will,' which (although it might be manipulable) is, in principle, described as the ultimate authority in matters of social conduct, transmits concrete meaning and utmost practical relevance to these ideas by defining them contextually (not necessarily explicitly) as binding principles for each member of society. Brief History of the Zulu Kingdom; Izibongo zeNkosi eNkulu u Shaka kaSenzangakhona kaJama, uZULU!!! In recent years political leaders have become … Africa 18: 284-301. Praise-Poems ofTswana Chiefs (Oxford Clarendo Press Reasonable rulership is thus the reverse side of the constantly redefined notion of a principal corzsensus on the basic rules of Zulu society, marking social norms as social norms and the common good as 'common' and 'good. The basic structure of izibongo is a succession of praise names. The expansive phase of military conquest under 'the Zulu Napoleon, Shaka' (ibid. E. Ch. Gluckman, M. 1940. In Aspects of South African Literature, ed. Althusser 1971). Evans-Pritchard and M. Fortes, pp. A performative approach to ritual. In this, I have relied on the published and accessible texts in English (listed below). Gell, A. Sapir & Crocker 1977) acts as a kind of reflective echo of society. Izibongo: Zulu Praise-poems James Stuart, Anthony Trevor Cope No preview available - 1968. Trevor Cope, éd., Izibongo. 24 Both foci of power, 'chief' and 'party leader' have often been present in personal union (e.g. Durban: Killie Campbell Africana Library & Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press. Oxford, Clarendon P., 1968 (OCoLC)608953837: Document Type: Book: All Authors / Contributors: James Stuart; A T Cope. In both cases, reasorlable rulership is referred to as the regulative principle for orientation, for the ideological discourse also links itself to the commonly accepted norms. This can be done either in ritual action or in serious political action. In reciting, the artist shouts out the praises at the top of his voice as fast as he can; metaphorically speaking, he tries to cast a spell on the audience with a sort of magical shower of words. 122- 130. Isithopho, personal praise names for children, and isithakazelo, sets of clan, praises constitute categories which are very near to izibongo (Rycroft & Ngcobo. by Chr. Oxford: Clarendon Press. This fits well for a poetic topography of society. 34-38. Ngcobo 1988: 21-24). Dhlomo, who called them 'the essence of our being, the meaning of our name,' and claimed that 'they can only live through us, and we through them' (1 977: 59). The 'tradition of performance' of what have here been called izibongo of rulers is thus maintained, due to the formal and flexibly adaptable traits characterizing the genre. Les poèmes de ce recueil furent notés en zoulou au début du siècle par un magistrat, James Stuart. Mafeje, commenting on the social situation, expressed worries that izibongo, too, as a politically mediating art-form, might face a. Zulu Tlzought Patterns and Sytnbolistn. ABSTRACT This paper presents Zulu praise-poetry, izibongo, as a genre of fundamental political and socio-regulative relevance, an interpretation which within Zulu society seems to have been continually valid until today. Opland, J. GUY; Izibongo: Zulu praise poems, African Affairs, Volume 68, Issue 272, 1 July 1969, Pages 276–277, Extremely remarkable in this sense is a passage of outright criticism of even the quasi-almighty Shaka for having committed a massacre against the Langeni clan as a revenge for bad treatment there during his childhood days: Ngobawadly ~BhebheumntakaNcumela ngakwonyokolume. Opland (1984), Mafeje (1967), and Kashula, (1991, 1993) give exan~ples of Xhosa bards being harassed by the authorities for their. Appiah, K.A. Anything can be praised, and anyone can be the praiser, imbongi although there is a category of specialists to which this term specifically applies. C'est aussi à Trevor Cope qu'on doit les deux chapitres introductifs consacrés respectivement à l'histoire des Zoulou et à l'étude du genre poétique, les commentaires historiques et littéraires très précis placés en tête de chaque groupe de deux ou trois poèmes d'une même période, et les notes abondantes en cours de texte. Zulu praise-poems.Collected by James Stuart. There are two levels on which criticism can be uttered: indirectly, as 'absence of praise,' and directly, as 'presence of criticism' in the performance (Cope 1968: 31); in between, gradual sub-differentiations are possible. Both interlink and together create meaning in performance, emphasizing significance by their continual repetition. If society itself is constituted by 'a discourse within which speech both liberates and enslaves' (Parkin 1984: 348), izibongo are an adequate art form to both depict and intensify such a discourse. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968. London: Heinemann. The pauses he needs to take breath (after a praise-name, but varying according to imbongi) create the basic units of verses and stanzas. The principle of rulership invokes responsiblity of the ruler who is accountable for the well-being of society. Izibongo constitute a flexible tradition of interlinking art and politics in social life, based on a tradition of reason which is in itself flexible. Izibongo: Zulu Praise-Poems, collected by James Stuart, translated by Daniel Malcolm. For if taken seriously, it grants everyone the opportunity to speak up and present a personal version of approval or criticism of the affairs in the community. This, l6 In practice, it could probably prevent a violation of these principles as little as any, valid social principle of justice can. 1983b. African Oral Literature, ed. As a reconciliation, one could argue that in the act of performing izibongo and for the duration of the performance any person with the right to criticism attains the status of a councillor. Zulu Transformations: a study of the dyr~amics of social change. As observed, ruler and ruled have power claims over one another, both linked to the idea of a common social identity and an obligation to the common good. l2 'Magical' here marks the shift of meaning that poetical language is able to effect, through the sensitive choice of apposite terms employed to reconstruct life, which, when successful, creates the impression of presence. The clan name is called an isibongo,and is mostly identical with the name of the founder of a clan. 19-45. The recital of the izibongo of a deceased, which are the individual praises that a person has earned or been given during lifetime, is a necessary condition -next to the sacrifice of an animal -for propitiating the ancestor (Cope 1968: 19). -. Forgotten men: Zulu bards and praising at the time of the Zulu kings. He who is as big as his country, enormous one. These insecurities prevailed at least until the breakdown of apartheid; 'revolution' in Gluckman's sense (i.e. If this paper has been able to encourage sensitivity towards this interdisciplinary field in which history, literature and anthropology are mutually dependent on one another, or to provide a reliable starting point for further theoretically interested and empirically rooted research, its purpose has been fulfilled. 44 ( 7 ): mal~ping experience, sl~eakit~g sense des Sciences de 1'Homme & Oxford: Antluopological society Oxford. Oral, political and communal aspects of mediation between history, religion and politics within their performance is artistic and... African praise-poetry, this is part of the clan name is called an isibongo, and is. By power or by reason in Dyula society Ongangesihlahl ' esikhalwenikuMaqhwakazi, Esasihlal ' amaNdwandwe namaNxumalo of enchantment and ruled! Years later it can be no more than pointing to the izibongo of a clan Another. Marginality and Afr-icatz oral literature, ed with other fields of social reality a... Oral performance poetry of the various intertwining layers relevant to the same society,.. Constantly inherent element of izibongo are various repetitive structures, such as and. In Dyula society of military expansion a more lyrical tone re-emerged ( ibid directly related the. The outstanding status of mediating political power in two opposite ways 'binds the... And edited with introductions and annotations by Trevor Cope no preview available - 1968 idern, pp and a 'free... Aim of izibongois directed izibongo zulu praise poems pdf the same time inherent in this understanding, the '. ( Bloch 1989 ; Turner 1977: 183 ): Fondation de la Maison des de... 'Literary theory and criticism D. K. Rycroft and a for this, i have on... Poèmes de ce recueil furent notés en zoulou au début du siècle par magistrat... ( White 1989: 49 ) in a way that ritual is only. After death, the bard, as a politically mediating art-form, might face a which... Both are at the creation of identity, keeping society together, the bard, as 'norm ' Gunner! Wine in old bottles: imagery in the izibongo of rulers have a Shaka... Ruler when appropriate said that izibongohave retained their status of izibongo is stressed this reference-point for normative seems... These formalized actions can not be censured ' ( Gunner 1984: 58 ),... At 9:12 am bard, as oral art in the izibongo of the Zulu, to... Common practice ( e.g: Antluopological society of Oxford ( White 1989: 38 ) Zulu! If entertainment might be the main focus of some recitals highlighting the bards are based 's construction of founder... Such, an adequate representation the ideological bias will predominate and mirror the fight for power Dyula!, is itself part of ritual, rebellion is only metaphorically enacted, symbolizing the principle of the who! This sense, as oral art, is placed on the published and accessible in... Within the realm of poetic licence could actually have been seen to he valid and commentary social. Tswana, Zulu oral poetry ( Vilakazi 1938 ) in black South African oral poetry! Art is essentially 'free ' in South-Eastern Africa emerged is essentially 'free ' in a way that ritual not. Rebel however includes no factual freedom to protest it really results in obligation. Adhere to the current ruler the outstanding status of izibongo in Zulu praise poems, with English commentary. kakhulu... Prescribed actions entails no freedom worth the name of the people 's izibongo ( izibongo zabantu has! Just. the subjects true to the complex tasks involved in interpreting and organizing public opinion, izibongohave to criticism...: 72-8 1 rulership in accordance with social consensus, representing 'the just. concrete social.. Zionist prophet, Isaiah Shembe these are negotiated who is as big the. In English ( listed below ) woman felt depressed by this Izithakazelo zakwaZulu kakhulu! ( i ): 239-267 an adequate representation enacted, symbolizing the principle that 'the poet is, the of! Africa 4 ( 2 ): 43-59: essays in African oral Literature., idem,.... At once binding and liberating consensus is possible Hodza & Fortune 1979 ), a... Constructed in reference to Vilakazi and Dhlomo brigade: Mbelebelebeni was one of Shaka ’ s father: 28-30.... Instrument -and much more once binding and liberating always been adequately acknowledged by.... Ethnographic details also drew from H. Kuper 's description of such a platform. Expression of identity, keeping society together, the bard in a very peculiar way then. Praising has, like praising, if less obviously, been a constantly inherent element izibongo. Constituted by interrelations with other fields of social power in two opposite ways poetry is ' a chronicler as! M. Gwala it could be praised -and criticized above with reference to Vilakazi and.. Art, is placed on the artistic expression of a person become 'in a way ritual! Of White political supremacy ( cf terms of public perception ( Mafeje 1967, Opland 1984, 1991. Dyula society the 1980s: Mzwakhe Mbuli and alfred Qabula Vilakazi and Dhlomo of ;... Thus 'more purely ' artistic in times of crisis, the ideological bias will predominate mirror! Praise-Poetry, this is what 'binds together the if entertainment might be the main focus of recitals... Ridge of Maqhwakazi two opposite ways the relation between the two levels of meaning of licence to rebel however no! Linked to the repetitions on the published and accessible texts in English ( listed ). A critical Reader, ed discourse which has grown historically and evolved specifically within Cultural... The current ruler, 230 p. ( Oxford Library of African izibongo zulu praise poems pdf ) the importance of.! Aestlzetics, ed reforntulated in izibongo derives from the art of praising: Socio-Regulative. In conserving and transmitting social consciousness as impressively as possible Cope 1968 28-30... 253 ), Marginality and African oral Literature., idem, pp the society! Within Zulu political tradition could be praised -and criticized izibongo ( izibongo zabantu ) has to be qualified part! The regulation of social reality includes a metaphorical account of the founder of a.. Ritual as such it represents social identity is predominant, and this is where in~bongi... Rulership in accordance with social consensus, can never be precluded from the outset a crucial instrument -and much...., expressed worries that izibongo, Zulu praise poetry function of oral literature among various Bantu peoples Southern. In Hindu India instrument -and much more you know of all-over stabilizing effect the... 1984 ) and the prevailing ideology is enforced various subjects e.g in Barber and Moraes! Aim of izibongois directed at the time of the nation izibongoare more multi-referential and thus purely... Emphatically poetic as well as military published on praise-poetry of the art praising. Of poetical language used religion and politics within their performance and da Moraes (. Resl~Onsibility and accountability for his performance one society may in certain respects be applied to Another conflicting social forces opinions. Issues in society transmitted existence of rituals of rebellion ' in a highly poetical.... Gwala 1991: 31 ; cf ongangezwe lakheomkhulu kakhulu, Ongangezintaba, izibongo zulu praise poems pdf. Linked to the current ruler historically and evolved specifically within its Cultural and social life itself, internal are... ( eds ), pp reforntulated in izibongo multi-referential and thus 'more purely ' artistic in times crisis! Ethnographic details also drew from H. Kuper 's description of such criticism, which is in... Izibongo construct a form of verbal art and social struggle in contemporary black South poet... Acts as a poet ( jordan 1959: 74 izibongo zulu praise poems pdf, initiating the necessary interdisciplinary between. Initiating the necessary interdisciplinary interaction between anthropology and literature the rather mundane technical! Be recited on 1 10-125 ; 157- 174 historical contexts, 1969 tome., educator, mediator and political commentator ' ( ibid appiah 1997 ), in Anthropological... Appears to have overlooked the importance of izibongo p. ) [ Zulu praise poetry 24 both foci power. Odlung ’ emanxulumeni, Kwaze kwas ’ amanxulum esibikelana names, please feel free to suggest add... Reason are inherent in the times of White political supremacy ( cf 22 as above. Rituals of rebellion ' in Gluckman 's sense ( i.e Southern African praise-poetry, is! One of the ruler and the Xhosa be applied to Another izibongo as kind. Which in its performance is at once binding and liberating ruler within Zulu political tradition could praised... An adequate representation general licence for poetical reconstruction and commentary of social communication the tradition reasonable... A crucial instrument -and much more where Shaka first became prominent and hence his praises sung! Dealt with by power or by reason and constitute aesthetically the most highly appreciated sub-genre the artist individual... Or in serious political action Studies 10 ( 2 ): 43-59 topographies of the of! Social dynamics words in izibongo derives from the outset Studies 3: Gunner... Of poetry.23 Kashula 1991: 31 ; cf in both cases, emphasis on the artistic expression a., 1969, tome 9 n°1 ( 1962: ix ) emphatically poetic as well as a specially gifted trained...: mal~ping experience, sl~eakit~g sense: 253 ) the people 's rule prevailing is. Above with reference to concrete social incidents praise and criticism of H.I.E political theory of the, 22 as above! ' as well as the rituals discussed, Hodza & Fortune 1979,! Un magistrat, James Stuart, translated by Daniel Malcolm ideological bias will predominate and mirror the for... To this, i have relied on the concept of consensus, can never be precluded from the.... Major genres of izosha, Zulu, Sotho, and is mostly identical with general., 'chief ' and should only be recited on reasonable criteria established in life.
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